Unraveling StripedFly: A Cross-Platform Menace

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Unraveling StripedFly: A Cross-Platform Menace


In the world of cybersecurity, new threats are constantly emerging, and one such formidable adversary is StripedFly. This sophisticated cross-platform malware framework remained hidden for an astonishing five years before being uncovered by Kaspersky researchers in August 2023. In this blog post, we will explore the insidious nature of StripedFly, its modular capabilities, and the latest information on its activities. We will also provide essential tips on how to protect your systems from this persistent threat.

StripedFly: An Elusive Malware Framework

Modular and Multifaceted: StripedFly is no ordinary malware; it's a modular framework capable of delivering a wide range of payloads, from cryptocurrency miners to botnets and backdoors. This flexibility makes it a potent tool in the hands of cybercriminals, enabling them to adapt to various malicious activities.

Evasion Techniques: StripedFly's ability to avoid detection is particularly worrisome. It employs sophisticated evasion techniques, including fileless infection and code obfuscation. This makes it a persistent and challenging threat to root out.

Well-Funded Perpetrators: Kaspersky researchers believe that StripedFly is not the work of amateur hackers. Instead, they suspect a well-funded and organized group of attackers. The malware has seen continuous updates and improvements over the years, demonstrating a high level of sophistication.

The Latest on StripedFly

September 2023: New Variant Emerges: In September 2023, researchers from RedPacket Security uncovered a new chapter in the StripedFly saga. This time, the malware was used to target Linux systems in Asia. The attackers employed a fresh variant of StripedFly, known as "sd-pam," to establish persistence on the compromised systems.

October 2023: Cryptocurrency Mining Connection: A month later, in October 2023, researchers from BleepingComputer made a startling discovery. StripedFly was now serving as the delivery vehicle for a new cryptocurrency miner called "XMRig." This powerful miner is used to mine Monero, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency.

Guarding Against StripedFly

While StripedFly poses a significant threat, there are measures you can take to protect yourself:

  1. Stay Updated: Keep your operating system and software up to date. Software updates often contain critical security patches.

  2. Antivirus Solutions: Use a reputable antivirus solution and ensure it is regularly updated to detect and block malware.

  3. Exercise Caution: Be mindful of the websites you visit and exercise caution when opening email attachments. Avoid suspicious sources.

  4. Strong Authentication: Implement strong, unique passwords and enable two-factor authentication (2FA) wherever possible. This adds an extra layer of protection.

Taking Action Against Infection

If you suspect your system is infected with StripedFly, take immediate action:

  1. Scan and Remove: Scan your system for malware and remove any infected files. Utilize reputable antivirus software to help with the detection and removal process.

  2. Change Passwords: Change passwords for your accounts to prevent unauthorized access.

  3. Enable 2FA: Enable two-factor authentication on all of your accounts for added security.


StripedFly presents a significant threat to both Windows and Linux users, and it is imperative to stay informed and take proactive steps to safeguard your systems. By staying vigilant, keeping your systems up to date, and following best practices, you can significantly reduce the risk of infection and protect your digital world from this persistent and elusive adversary.

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