The Rise of Octo Tempest: A Profile of a Prolific Financial Hacking Group

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The Rise of Octo Tempest: A Profile of a Prolific Financial Hacking Group

In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, Octo Tempest has emerged as one of the most dangerous financial hacking groups. Native English-speaking and highly skilled in social engineering, this threat actor has been a growing concern for both individuals and organizations. Microsoft recently published a detailed profile of Octo Tempest, shedding light on their activities and tactics.

Octo Tempest's Evolution

Octo Tempest's malicious activities have steadily evolved since early 2022. Initially, they were involved in selling SIM swaps and stealing accounts of high-profile individuals with cryptocurrency assets. However, their tactics soon shifted towards phishing, social engineering, password resets for breached service providers, and data theft.

Notably, Octo Tempest expanded its target list to include organizations in cable telecommunications, email, tech services, gaming, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, technology, and financial sectors, as well as managed service providers. They also partnered with the ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware group, indicating their growing influence and threat level.

Ransomware Affiliation

As Octo Tempest became an affiliate of the ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware-as-a-service operation, their attacks became even more sinister. They began deploying both Windows and Linux ransomware payloads and started focusing on VMware ESXi servers, a clear shift towards more aggressive tactics.

Unique Approaches and Threat Tactics

What sets Octo Tempest apart is their advanced social engineering capabilities. They target the accounts of technical administrators, gaining initial access through password resets and bypassing multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods. They go to great lengths to impersonate their targets, even mimicking speech patterns in phone calls.

Octo Tempest employs a variety of methods for initial access, including tricking targets into installing remote monitoring and management software, stealing logins through phishing sites, buying credentials from other cybercriminals, SMS phishing, SIM swapping, call forwarding, and even direct threats of violence.

Once inside, they conduct extensive reconnaissance, enumerating hosts, services, and collecting information that allows them to abuse legitimate channels. They then proceed to explore the infrastructure, escalating privileges through social engineering, SIM swapping, or call forwarding, and initiating self-service password resets.

The group actively seeks additional credentials and employs tools like Jercretz and TruffleHog to search for plaintext keys, secrets, and passwords. They target security personnel accounts to disable security products and features, allowing for data theft and malicious payload deployment. Octo Tempest also takes steps to hide their presence on the network by suppressing alerts and modifying mailbox rules to delete incriminating emails.

Tools and Techniques

The group employs various tools and techniques in their attacks, including open-source tools like ScreenConnect, FleetDeck, AnyDesk, and others. They deploy Azure virtual machines for remote access, add MFA methods to users, and use tunneling tools like Twingate to leverage Azure Container instances.

Stolen data is moved to their servers using a unique technique involving Azure Data Factory and automated pipelines, which allows them to blend in with typical big data operations. They often register legitimate Microsoft 365 backup solutions for data transfer.

Detection and Prevention

Detecting Octo Tempest in an environment is a challenging task due to their use of social engineering, living-off-the-land techniques, and diverse tooling. However, organizations can take several steps to bolster their defenses. Monitoring and reviewing identity-related processes, Azure environments, and endpoints are crucial in detecting malicious activity.


Octo Tempest's rapid evolution and advanced social engineering capabilities make them a highly concerning threat in the world of financial hacking. Staying informed and implementing robust security measures is essential in protecting against this dangerous group and others like them. Cybersecurity is an ongoing battle, and awareness is a critical weapon in the fight against malicious actors like Octo Tempest

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